Pacific Rim Extinction Tactics: Movement & Facing

When models in Pacific Rim Extinction attack, either with a shooting attack, or a close combat attack, the rules system uses a modified dice off.

The attacker has a pool of dice based on the model and strength of the attack and rolls them with the following possibilities: miss, trigger, and hit.

Missed dice are a natural miss.

Trigger symbols allow special abilities to be used.

And hits come in two flavors- regular and exploding- the exploding hit allows you to keep the hit and roll another die.

Explosions can trigger more explosions.

This is checked and blocked by similar dice using a defensive value by the defender.

The difference that does not get canceled out triggers damage.

Naturally some luck involved, and making use of the right ability to make use of triggers, but this is also modified by model facing and arc.

*If* you can get into the rear arc of a model, that defensive dice are cut in half.


But, you have to tactically move and position to get there.

This makes use of the impulse die, the ability to pivot, and using the correct actions in the moment- making the game very tactical.

Many games outside of naval/space games don’t really worry about model facing.

Historical also to some extent- usually with tanks and weapon locations.

Which makes understanding and being able to use positioning and facing in Pacific Rim so important- it’s not just enough to run and bash stuff.

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