Pacific Rim Extinction Tactics: Impulse Die

Many wargaming systems use the I-go-you-go activation system for the turns of play. We both deploy our units on the table, I go first so I move, shoot, attack with all my units followed by my opponent moving, shooting, and attacking.

The challenge with this system, while simplistic is that it is not very dynamic.

One player sits there while the other player does all the action.

It is also *very* prone to the alpha-strike mentality.

If I go first and I’m able to go first, if I can do enough front damage and reduce your units/models before you can even act, that cripples you for the game before anything has even happened.

Certainly on the receiving end its not very fun.

Thankfully, newer wargaming systems get past this with interrupts, and non linear game turns.

Pacific Rim Extinction does this with the impulse die- a die that has 0, 1, and 2 values.

When a side acts it roll the impulse die, and activates that many units- so the most one can activate is 2, which right away cuts out the alpha strike in the game.

One being the average activation, there is also the chance that no units will activate for the turn.

Tactically, I find this pushes a player to be a bit more conservative with movement and making sure that units back up each other, but at the same time, as a player that likes to takes risks, it rewards bold moves- albeit random in nature due to rolling the die.

I find that it also always gives units a chance in the game. especially if one side is down.

Down to a single model and surrounded?

This could be a chance for a string of activation.

In terms of an initiative system that breaks the I-go-you-go system, I’m enjoying the random nature of the impulse die.

Pacific Rim: Extinction


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