Pacific Rim Extinction Tactics: Hakuja Burrow

Tactically right now Hakuja is the most powerful single kaiju in the game.

On a very straight-forward perspective the power of its close in attacks is the most dangerous, but there are counters to this- putting mobility first in each phase to try and stay away, and using shooting to bring him (it) down a bit before closing.

Tactically, jaegers are not as nimble as kaiju as they can’t pivot as quickly, so as long as one doesn’t get boxed in on the table, that would be the direct counter to Hakuja.

But then we get to its burrow ability…

…which as of right now, wave one is driving most players mad.

Without the balance of wave two and some up the updated jaegers to come it is hard to counter.

So how do we counter it?

Try our best to control where Hakuja comes up, and when he does pop up you nail him hard.

Castle up.

Stay to the edge/corner of the table with your controlling Jagers- try to force him to pop up in the forward arch so you can shoot and charge. Stay close with your Jaegers so you can engage two or three to one.

Pacific Rim: Extinction

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