Pacific Rim Extinction Miniatures Game Unboxing

I’ve had my eye on this title for some time, just waiting for wave one to hit retail…

Everything i the release hits the mark for me- a miniatures game with heroic sized models, pre-painted. The Pacific Rim narrative of mechs vs. monsters, Jaegers vs. Kaiju.



Naturally the wargamer in me *has* to start with the miniatures. Pacific Rim comes pre-painted which itself is a rarity in the miniatures world, but Pacific Rim Extinction takes it a step ahead both in quality and size. The paint is easily tabletop + and the heroic size of the miniatures gives them amazing presence on the table.

For comparison check out a 40K Space Marine and my Gen 1 Khornate Daemon Prince for scale.

This set/line completely raises the par for painted mass produced miniatures.

Under the miniatures, is the usual assortment of game cards and components. I’m crazy like that and sleeve all my cards, but the texture and card weight is quite good, un-sleeved I don’t see them wearing down anytime soon- same with the Jaeger and Kaiju playing mats.

As a starter set and a miniatures game, there are a few other nice components to jump into the game- a paper cityscape and ocean-floor gaming map, terrain counters and a some 3D cardboard buildings- enough to build on the visuals of the miniatures and get you into the game as a proper wargame- miniatures AND a battlefield to fight over.

Time for a few games, followed by a summary of the flow of the rules, and the individual mechs and monsters.

Pacific Rim: Extinction is out and ready for your tabletop. The starter set and wave I miniatures are out: . Enter the code “Fritz” at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 

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