Magic Realm Board Game Unpunched & Unboxed

Regular readers of my blog and YouTube channel know that I am a big fan of dungeon crawl / fantasy based board games. The chance to get a Dungeons & Dragons like experience, in a compact board game setup.

Runebound, Mage Knight, Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game and even the D&D adventure series are all favorites.

But there is one that has always been the desire of my eye.

Magic Realm.

I’ve certainly never seen it in the wild, only able to watch videos of it on YouTube and try to work up the courage for the print-and-play version of it over on BGG.

But all that changed last week.

An act of incredible kindness based on a comment on one of my YouTube vlogs…

…leading to an unpunched and perfect copy of the game from a *very* kind listener.

Literally the game looks like it has been in cryo-stasis for the past 40 years.


Working my ways through the rule-book now, adventures and posts to follow!

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