Mage Knight Board Game Tactics: Deck Size

Mage Knight had been hitting the table more as of late, mostly playing it solo, exploring some of the non-city storming missions- with plans to run it four players in the coming weeks when I can get a game scheduled. In terms of the narrative of being a powered and jacked up mage knight, feels a bit like being Bane, only in a good way, the game is perhaps one of the tightest and most tactical in terms of the rule set.

It really is that good of a game.

The core engine behind Mage Knight is the actions cards that you use each turn and use to build your deck. Tactically, each card has three ways it can be used.

The primary way, using the top power listed, an overcharged way- paying or using mana for a more powerful version, or tapping it for one point to spend on other actions.

This gives you three ways to use card, which combines with other cards and powers- giving one immense freedom of control.

As you level up, you gain more cards, advanced skills in your deck.

There is also a chance to gain spells and artifacts depending on various rewards and challenges that you can undertake on the game board.

Which leads to another layer of tactics…

Deck composition.

Over time you grow *very* powerful, and the end game encounters are also *very* powerful.

One needs to be focused in power.

If you have a powerful game shattering spell in your deck, and the deck is large in terms of card size, what is the chance of drawing it into your hand when you need it?

As the deck grows, it’s a good tactical choice to stack the deck with sets of focused powers.

Maybe for this run through you are going to focus on artifacts, or perhaps spells?

Mid to end game, focusing on one set gives the best changes for success.


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