Lord Of The Rings Card Game Deck Building Tactics

In last week’s Lord of the Rings card game post we explored a few starting tactics to keep in mind when building your deck- how the game is on a threat timer and beating that timer involved having enough momentum to explore every turn AND clear cards that subtract from that exploration.

I want to build on that post and layer over the second consideration when building your deck: allies.

Getting allies in play every turn and using them to fight frees up your heroes for exploration and other action uses. Allies also deals with the “surge” problem.

When fighting a monster there is a chance for a surge in drawing a shadow card- some of those surges deal crazy damage- enough to seriously wound or kill a hero- since the shadow effects are hidden, better to take them on a henchman or follow- sorry man.

LOTR is all about the red shirts.

It’s also important to be able to get allies out, without paying full price, or at a reduced cost- making sure you have resources for other effects and attachments. How you do this of course depends on the cards in your collection and deck.

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