Yes Or No: Painting Your Board Gaming Miniatures

As a question of curiosity, what do you think about painting your board gaming miniatures?

As a war gamer many of the systems that I enjoy playing require you to build and paint your figures, armies, tanks, etc. Only X-Wing Miniatures and Wings of Glory come pre-painted and built out of the box. A few board games, mostly premium like League of Legends come painted in contrast.

It’s an easy(er) jump to go from war gaming to board gaming in terms of painting vs. board gaming.

Certainly painted vs. unpainted always looks better, and with the more immersive the game the better it adds to the experience:

So where to start?

Some observations?

For myself I tend to follow this formula.

First is how many people are going to be playing the game and in what setting? my Dungeon Saga figures pictured in this post are done to what I call a tabletop level. A few colors, a wash, and some dry-brushing. If they didn’t have the stone bases stock, I’d finish them with some basic basing.

The game (still) gets heavy play in my Dungeon Crawling group. It set’s up fast, quick and easy rules with decent tactical decisions for the rules, and it’s a nice total package- dungeon layout, figures, and 3D dungeon furniture.

Heavy play means lots of gaming abuse, but in a good way. Stuff dropped, drinks spilled, and miniatures found on the floor after the fact, or even in a kid’s mouth.

Would you want to paint a heavy-use game to top standards?

Tabletop is also in the realm of possibility for a new painted to easily do- especially with all the YouTube videos and tutorials out there.

There is also a question of the plastics- war gaming figs are a higher quality vs. board game figures, although this is changing and many board games have some amazing plastics. Sometimes you have to match the paint vs. what the plastics will hold.

…and then there are a few games which I will and plan to paint but I’m so busy playing them every week- Conan and Dark Souls that I feel like I can’t take a break right now and not play…

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