What To Look For In A Miniature Figure Case

Once your wargaming army reaches a certain size both storage and transportation becomes an issue.

Protecting your collection when not in use, and effectively transporting it to the gaming club or friends house to battle it out.

What are some points to consider in selecting  gaming case?

The first question is this- just how much bigger is your army going to get? If it is going to expand in the future, going with a slightly bigger or much bigger case to accommodate the expansion is important.

Buy what you need and where you are going.

In terms of foam and protection, I prefer multiple smaller trays, over larger sheets that can hold everything. In this way one can pull out and organize the army by units or what is needed at setup if not playing a game that uses the entire army.

And finally, considerations for holding some of the other “stuff” to play the army- dice, templates, army books, tape measure, etc. It’s handy to have all of it in one case ready to go.

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