Prepainted Wargaming Miniatures

As the wargaming hobby evolves, are pre-painted miniatures going to be the eventual standard?

I’ve been playing and enjoying lots of Pacific Rim Extinction, and the superior quality of the miniatures really has me thinking. These are out of the box mass produced models, heroic scale, with textured bases, painted, and some light drybrushing.

They look fantastic, and if somebody was coming new to the wargaming hobby, they are literally take ’em out and play.

Other systems are also pre-painted.

Wings of Glory WW I & II were the first.

X-Wing miniatures took the idea to a new level- with both the quality of the models and paint.

Where does this leave gaming systems like Warhammer 40K and Game Workshop?

For now, certainly immune, as those games are sold as build and paint as part of the process- given the level of customization in the narrative.

But, given the steady competition in the industry, big and small, will they have to pivot one day?

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