Imperial Ambitions Mega Game- November 12, 2017 New York

To the readers and wargaming friends of my BLOG- a personal invite from me to attend a live-action political/wargame simulation. This is the second running of the game by my most-excellent friend Dave and his amazing team of Game Masters who turned this live action multi player event into one of the best games that I have every had the chance to enjoy and play. This is an event of perfection worth the experience.

If you are in the New York area and are ready for glory I’ll see you in the game- there are a few more spots open- see below for more details.

Sunday November 12, 2017

“In the twenty years since the Essen Rebellion the Othonian Empire has enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity. Yet the peace of the realm is thinned by the years, and fresh conflict is brewing in the most unlikely place: the Church. It is widely accepted that during the Essen Rebellion the promised Prophet was born, but who is the true Prophet?  The church is split by factions supporting claimants from Vathia and Thallen, with the aging Emperor reluctant to choose between his most loyal supporters.  Chaos and war seem certain, but how long before the noble houses take advantage of the situation to settle old scores?”

Join me for a crazy, fast paced game of intrigue, war and medieval politics: Imperial Ambitions! If you’re not sure what this is all about, see below for details about the game.

Those of you who played last time have the option to retain your houses and position, but there is plenty of space for new players.  Imperial Ambitions remains a team game, with each noble house having three roles which need to be filled, plus three church players and the possibility of a few additional unique roles for individuals if there is enough interest. This game is public, so feel free to invite whomever you like, although everyone must be registered in advance.

When and Where:  Sunday November 12, 2017 Liberation Yoga, 862 Rt. 6 Mahopac NY. 11 AM start time, 9 PM end time. Preregistration is required in order to ensure that you be assigned a faction and role before the game.

New to the game?

Imperial Ambitions is game/simulation of medieval politics, intrigue, and warfare.  Set in a pseudo-historical world equivalent to Europe in the 13th or 14th century, all players represent figures within a single continental empire, owing fealty to an Emperor (also a player character).  Think of the 7 Kingdoms at the beginning of A Game of Thrones or the Holy Roman Empire in actual history. Costumes are encouraged but not mandatory.

A Team Game: Imperial Ambitions is a team game first and foremost. All players will be part of a three-player team working together to meet goals assigned by the GMs prior to the game. Every team will have the same three positions which need to be filled, and each position will have its own “mini-game” connected to the others to create one larger story. You can sign up for the game as a team, or as a single player (we’ll assign you to a team).  Once the teams are chosen, you will decide amongst yourselves which position each player will take.

When you’ve informed us of your team’s roster, we’ll send the appropriate rules to each player – you will only need to be familiar with the rules for your own position, and we’ll only send you the rules you absolutely need to know. Unlike a board game, many of the rules will be hidden from the players, encouraging you to be creative and think outside the box. Like in a RPG, tell us what you want to do, and we’ll figure out how it works in the system.

The positions:  More detail will follow once you’ve registered, but here’s the overview to get you thinking.

Noble Lord/Lady:  This player will take on the role of the head of the noble house. This is the leadership position, and the players in this role can expect to spend their time treating with their fellow nobles, creating alliances through marriages, scheming against their enemies, and deciding the budget for their team.  This position involves significant role-playing and strategy.

General:  This player leads the knights and levies sworn to the noble house.  If you’re the general, you can expect to spend most of your time brooding over maps, moving pieces, and rolling dice as you execute the machinations of your Lord or Lady on the battlefield.  This position is more of a war game or board game than the others, and requires less role-playing.

Ambassador:  This player is their Lord or Lady’s eyes and ears in the Imperial Court.  Ambassadors will hear the edicts of the Emperor when he makes them (reporting back to their Lord), treats with the Emperor as needed, and is also responsible for espionage on behalf of their Lord.  Managing spies, scheming with other ambassadors, and plotting nefarious deeds is what this position is all about.  This is a role-play heavy position.

While you may pick your teams, the GMs will assign you a faction, sending you background materials a few weeks before the game to help you prepare.

Winning or Losing:  Each team will receive several secret goals.  Your job is to meet as many of these goals by the final turn as possible. Some of these goals are complimentary with those of other teams, some are… not so much. When the game is done, the GMs will review each team’s goals and work what they see into the final Epilogue, where the results of the game will be narrated. Obviously those teams who meet more of their goals will have happier endings than those who do not, but the game is not pure competition and you can fail to achieve most of your goals and still do reasonably well.

I should also note that while this game will be crazy and intense, it won’t be “hard mode”. While nobles can be assassinated, there is never any break in play – if you “die”, you immediately begin play again as your “heir” (probably looking for vengeance)  with some in-game penalties rather than downtime for the player. We’re trying to keep it fun for everyone!

Cost: $40 to cover the materials and props.

How to Register:  due to the team-based nature of the game, pre-registration is necessary, as it would really screw up your team if you back out at the last moment. We’re looking for final registration with spots for one full team left, but I’d really, really appreciate if you could reply directly to this email and let me know if you’re intending to go, and as soon as possible.  A headcount would be very helpful as we put this together. If you’ve decided on your team, please let us know that as well.

Register by calling Liberation Yoga at 845-803-8389 during normal business hours, and we can take payment over the phone or contact Dave for more information or registration by email HERE:

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