Godtear: Temple Of The Immortals

The Temple of the Immortals, once home to the prophet’s who foretold the coming of the ‘tears, now in ruins.

When the tear fell, they rained on the temple, shattering stone, laying waste to all but the inner sanctum.

Now, newly discovered and alliance of warbands descends on the temple to claim tabletop immortality.

Titus looking to claim more glory, an uneasy alliance with Lorsann, while Rangosh and Blackjaw unite with one purpose in mind, smash these so called champions and claim the tears of life for themselves.

Journeying through the ruins, in the center of the temple, the tears of life, both warbands quickly moving to claim them…

Those first few rounds of the clash, the magic of the tears influencing the dice, nobody was able to hit anybody…

Titus and Randosh square off…

Claim the tears!

Immortality is ours, take it!

As Titus and Lorsann take the field.

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