Godtear Tactics: When To Use Ultimate Powers?

Godtears are literally the tears of immortality.

Champions battling over a broken world to ascent to godhood.

Will you be among them?

Capable of amazing feats, the ultimate power is found in a one time use, once a game ultimate power- leading to the question of when to use this god-like power.

One of the interesting design focuses of Godtear is the fact that unlike other skirmish miniature games, your units- you champion is never fully dead.

Knocked out yes, removed from play, no.

So what this means is that one does not have to use it or lose from a power perspective- you can keep it and time it when it really needed to change the game.

Round 3.

Round three gives you the most battle points- one needs to win this mid point of the game either to secure the win or deny the win.

In the Godtear vlog below I explore more of this tactica and why round 3 is so vital.

Tabletop immortality is yours -take it!

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