Godtear Tactics: Sneaky Peet

Godtear slayers are the easiest champions to play?

Point and click, send them to that pile of godtears and swing away.

That idea of alpha damage works for Rangosh, but Sneaky Peet is a different kind of Champion.

His primary target is of course targeting other champions, this way he earns the primary battle point and the secondary battle point for slaying a champion.

The optimal way to do this it to keep him with his sneaksters and attack with them first to bring down the health, and then delver the death blow with Peet.

But he has a more hidden, a more sneaky use found in his dodge/agility value which is high even before any buffs. In order to bring down Peet, it required a good amount of dice and de-buffs, which if they are going on him, they are not going on other elements, champions, or wabands in your group.

How can you take advantage of this with your other followers and champions?

THAT is the tactica in using Sneaky Peet.

More GODTEAR tactica about this champion below.

Tabletop immortality is yours- take it!

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