Godtear Tactics: Shayle

I was sold on the Godtear visuals alone for Shayle- a wizard dude riding a floating rock, controlling a construct of Godtears through arcane means…

…but tactically how does the narrative stand up to the champion?

Shayle is not an offensive champion, but rather fully supportive given his bonus for controlling and planting a banner. This shifts him on the defensive, but even with that he is not as efficient in terms of actions.

The main drawback is that Landslide is tied to Shayle for the movement and activations, the two work as a team- makes sense from the arcane narrative.

Being tied together, they are best used as back-field objective grabbers- sit and camp claiming that pile of Godtears in your zone, using Landslide to beat on any minions or non-Slayer champions that wander by.

Let’s take some of the tactica ideas further in my Godtear: Shayle vlog below.

Immortality is yours, take it!

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