Godtear Tactics: Mournblade

Jumping in with Mournblade for Godtear, the first thing you notice on this undead champion is that he only has 1 life point, and that it is *not* a misprint?

Only 1 life point?


But his special Undying rule and banner ability make up for it tactically and present some interesting opportunities on the table…

When Mournblade is knocked out he is only worth one point vs. 4 points, or 2 points if knocked out by a slayer champion. Tactically this puts him in the same category as a follower, but at the hitting power of a champion. This allows him to be used aggressively to kill opposing followers or gang up on other champions with his own follower support with little risk. Ganging up and attacking followers with soulblade quickly earns points every turn.

Side note: Mournblade *does* have 4 armor which means on average hits from followers and lower tier champions non red and yellow won’t connect and will be absorbed by his armor rating.

Now add to this- when an enemy is knocked out, he MAY make an immediate rally action.

Welcome to the free RES.

Get knocked out and come back for free, and if timed correctly, you come back at the end of the phase when other units or at least the ones around you have attacked, freeing you from spending an action to rally on your own turn.

The rally spam gets even better with his raise dead really action- a *huge* boon for multiple warband games- champions in that 3 hex bubble get a free really, again saving a turn later of having to spend that action point.

Working with his Nightshade followers, and the nobility boosts for them, more volume of dice get added to the areas where attacks are needed.

More tactica? Continue below with my Godtear Mournblade vlog.

Godhood awaits, immortality is yours, take it!

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