Godtear Tactics: Halftusk

This weeks Godtear tactics post has us jumping in with Halftusk- one of my favorite champions in the game, but at that a champion that has a very specific playstyle anchored by his Froglodite minions. 

One punch, two punch, regenerate sums ‘up Halftusk, but what about positioning with the froglodites?

Halftusk makes an excellent back field support unit- a champion that you park on any back objective ‘tears or if playing the Life mission, the far end of the chain of Godtears.

The combination of planting a banner, camping on a ‘tear and bashing things with one punch, two punch backed by regeneration to potentially deny points for killing a champion PLUS the end turn bonus for planting a banner means he earns a steady stream of points that you can bank on.

As a supporting champion, the froglodites add to this with the special ability to move through or land on objective hexes. What this means is that they can area deny further Godtear hexes from opposing champions capturing them- either with Halftusk or sending them out alone.

However, not having any offensive or attack capability means one has to be careful- trading a potential 1 or 2 points for losing a froglodite vs. denying the objective hex.

Tactically I find Halftusk does not play well in 1-2 warband games, which better favor Slayer champions. Like Shayle and Rattlebones, Halftusk adds tactical value in 3-4 or custom warband games where enough of the attack and support can be used from the other warbands- allowing Halftusk to do what he does best.

Claiming and one punch, two punch!

Continue the Halftusk tactics below through my vlog where we dive further with this awesome champion.

Godhood awaits, see you in the game!

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