Godtear Mission Tactics: Life

LIFE is the first mission in the Godtear scenario book, and while serving as an EXCELLENT tutorial mission, there is a level of complexity and depth with the mission- as with all of the Godtear missions.

This mission plays fast, furious, and involves an intense amount of mass-combat. A group of Godtears in the center of the map, which grow and radiate out each turn, adding more objective hexes as the game continues.


Being a central mass mission means *all* of the warbands will be moving to the center of the table and clashing to plant banners. As a result this mission does favor slayer warbands the most- giving them a slight edge.

Picking up points each turn from killing followers and minions also becomes important as banners will be crushed back and forth given the central location of the ‘tears.

As always go/try for the claim, but be ready to grab points in other ways.

At the end of the turn, the player who lost the round gets to add a semi-random amount of Godtears to the table, building off the center grouping.

What this means is turn after turn the objectives radiate out- figuring out and gaming how to place them, if you can is *KEY*.

One method is to chain and build them back to your objective zone- get some Godtears moving away form the center mass and battle of champions. This allows you to claim/plant a banner a bit farther away making it harder to crush.

A second option to look out for- it can happen due to the location of followers/minions and the number of new spawned ‘tears- can you block in and enclose those minions? A few like the young dragons can fly over and froglodytes jump through, but the chance to take a few models out of play and reduce the volume of dice is always nice.

Third option to look out for is setting up a refused flank.

While the Champions can move on/through the Godtears, most of the followers need to move around the center mass of objectives- either left or right.

Place a chain of ‘tears along one side, and now it takes longer to get around that side- burning a turn or two in movement.

More LIFE analysis in my vlog below…

Tabletop immortality is yours, take it!

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