Godtear: How To Get Good Fast & Win

In jumping in with Godtear, while I am no stranger to skirmish based miniature games, or wargame systems, there is always a learning curve when taking up a new system.

We all want to get as good as quickly as possible, cut down that learning curve and start winning as fast as possible- especially if we are playing in a competitive environment or are planning to enter tournaments.

Godtear for me was no different.

Fortunately, I do have a secret sauce formula that I use to learn new systems and get GOOD fast.

Here is the formula in a tactica checklist, followed by a vlog below which offers a more detailed action plan.

First we learn the rules- not in terms of memorizing them, but with the ability to understand the flow of the game and how the mechanics work.

Second we develop the player personality so we can minimize our mistakes, and get to a point where we can both see our opponent’s mistakes and take advantage of them on the table.

Third is we play lots of games to build synergy and understanding- but not just raw games, playing them in a *very* specific way to maximize the win.

Ready for the action play?

Tabletop immortality is yours- take it!

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