Godtear Champion Tactics: Jeen

Continuing our GODTEAR journey, Jeen is quickly becoming on of my favorite champions.

I know I tend to say that about *all* the Champions, but tactically she brings some interesting twists to the game.

The biggest switch is her movement and attacks in the plot phase.

Her primary attacks happen in this phase of the game, which means that most of the time she and her warband gets to attack FIRST, before opposing warbands.

This allows her to deliver a double alpha strike.

A chance to cut down followers and gain the bonus in points, while at the same time cutting down on the volume of dice attacking back.

In the clash phase she swings in action with a push back ability adding either area control, or pushing other Champions & followers in range of other warband members.

Ready for more tabletop immortality- check out my GODTEAR vlog below where we explore more tactica with Jeen.

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