Dungeons & Dragons: Playing A Monk

What role does the monk play in the party?

Tactically the monk is a 2nd tier fighter class in terms of party role.

The fighter and barbarian have more hits points, superior armor class, and damage dealing stacking, so naturally they are the ones going head to head with the most potent monsters in the encounter.

The monk on the other hand, has a certain finesse that leads it to finding attacks of opportunity in each encounters- using the class blend of speed, number of attacks, and ki to deal with the stuff that the other front line fighters can’t deal with without taking them off the line.

An example…

Attacked by an orc warband the fighter and barbarian engage the approaching horde- they can easily take on a few orcs at a time, keeping the bulk of them away from any arcane casters and supporting characters in the group.

But what about those archers behind the trees.

Can’t pull the fighters off to deal with them, and certainly the party does not want to eat 3-4 arrow attacks each turn.

Send in the monk.

The monk deals with outliers in the encounters, and given the diversity of abilities, they can adapt very well as needed.

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