Grabbing that experience and leveling up is an important and exiting part of Dungeons & Dragons. Watching your character grow and evolve over a dozen adventures is the stuff of legends…

…but what is your blueprint for leveling up?

Most of us focus on the XP side of things- hit points, feats, skill points, and prestige classes, but there are other parts of leveling up that as a player we want to keep in mind:


Magic items.

In game contacts.

Pets & potions.

Episode 6 Dungeons & Dragons character leveling up explores some of these ideas to help take your character to that next level.

Prepare for glory!

Hail and well met adventurer!

If you are seeking fame and fortune, and are looking for an online Dungeons & Dragons campaign to join, check out my DRACHEN SAGA game blog here.

New players and lurkers are always welcome!

Drachen Saga Game Blog

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