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Podcast: Dungeons & Dragons

Episode 51: Dungeons & Dragons Playing A Monk

Episode 51: Dungeons & Dragons, playing a MONK character? Second tier fighter class or a power-house in the later levels? Explore some of the idea in rolling with a MONK. Listen to the podcast below:

Podcast: Dungeons & Dragons

Episode 40: Experimental Dungeons & Dragons Adventures

What is the most ambitious Dungeons & Dragons adventure that you have ever run? It’s important to experiment and sometimes over-plan in our games as it often leads to fun and unexpected opportunities. Podcast Episode Read more…

Podcast: Dungeons & Dragons

Episode 35: Dungeons & Dragons Playing A Fighter Class

Often assigned the role of tank and damage dealer in the party Episode 35 explores the tools and talent needed to play a fighter class in Dungeons & Dragons. Grab, download, and listen to the Read more…