Dungeons & Dragons: Cleric Tactics

While all of the Dungeons & Dragons character classes have challenges, I consider the cleric to be one of the harder- of not the hardest classes to play.


Incoming players into the D&D game itself.

Dungeons & Dragons has gone mainstream, and this is amazing for the hobby, community, and lifeblood of gaming.

BUT, many of those players are coming from online MMO type games where the cleric class is nothing but a heal bot.

Run around casting healing spells and saving the day.

Does this translate to tabletop games?

In the party the cleric can’t be everywhere, one of the main reasons you bring your own heals as a backup, while at the same time, players need to more tactical when it comes to encounters.

Certainly the cleric needs appropriate leveled healing spells, but there are so many other spells to take advantage of.

And what about being a battle-cleric?

Given the hit points and con bonuses, plus the ability to use weapons and armor, the cleric is actually a very good fighter even before spells and divine buffs are added in…

…along with turning undead and other in-game abilities.

But, everybody still expects you to be an on command heal bot.

Forcing you to constantly navigate between the two.

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