Eliran Nunez · January 16, 2018 at 10:27 AM

Great stuff Fritz! On the topic of showing vs describing to your players, how do you handle scenery? Given both of our wargaming backgrounds(I play 40K, AOS and Frostgrave) I have a lot terrain and scenery I’d love to use for D&D. At this moment I’m planning a D&D campaign, very much in the early stages, but part of me worries of putting too much stuff on the table and taking away from the player’s imaginations, or worse, having them wander off the map I spent all evening setting up. I guess it’s the part of a good DM to keep your players engaged where they’re at, but curious to see your mindset since you also have the wargaming background.

    Wargamer Fritz · January 16, 2018 at 10:50 AM

    I do tend to use some of my wargaming non 40K scenery with D&D and I find it works if you limit the “playing area”.

    I have a small skirmish green felt map I use, set it up in the center of the table, put out the scenery and use it for the encounter. From there go back to describe and imagination.

    Kind of turns each encounter into a skirmish like wargame.

    A few times a year I bust out the dwarven forge stuff and build a huge dungeon- but that is always a once off dungeon explore adventure. I build it ahead of time on the able and cover it with paper that I remove as we play and explore.

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