Dungeons & Dragons: Tips For Starting Off Your Adventure

As a Dungeon Master we want to bring out players into a state of game-immersion as soon as possible. In every adventure there is a transition from the actual player, to the character- getting in character.

Once your players are in character, and they can experience the adventure through the scope of their character, THAT is when the true Dungeons & Dragons experience happens. 

Naturally, since many of us have a finite playing time each week, or for the adventure, we want to make this transition as quickly as possible.

One idea on doing this…

Always start your adventure out with a BANG.

Immediately force the players to take an action- make a skill check, roll some dice, figure out if the NPC is telling the truth or not.

I won’t say start every adventure with combat or an encounter, BUT nothing sucks you into Dungeons & Dragons like rolling for initiative. 

This action first setting pull the players into character and gets them into the game right away.

Roll for initiative…

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