Dungeons & Dragons: Forget The Rules

It is the critical moment in the adventure, it all comes down to this next player action…

…but you are not quite sure how to resolve it.

What happens in your Dungeons & Dragons game when you, as the Dungeon Master are unsure as to how to resolve the rules?

A few ideas to consider and resolve.

In every edition of the game- from the red box D&D, and AD&D forward the rules have always been guidelines and “optional” at best- the Dungeon Master has the final say.

As a Dungeon Master it is up to you to determine how to resolve different points of view within the game where a clear rules does not exist.

Here is how I handle it…

Keeping the adventure going is my number one concern. Keeping the players immersed and active. If we break long enough- 30 seconds or more to debate a rule or look it up without resolving it, we lose that immersion in the game.

We pull the players out of character, when we want them in character.

I’m also not there as the DM to be on a master-slave power trip or use the game as a backdrop for any daddy issues I’m having.

I’m there to run the world, a prime mover, and make sure all the players have a good time.

So, normally, if it is reasonable and no clear rule- I’ll let the player’s character do what they want. BUT with clear knowledge it does effect the game, NPC’s and how the story plays out. In a living universe there are always consequences.

If I can’t resolve it that way for some reason, we hand it over to the fates…

Let them roll a D20- 1-10 NO, 11-19 YES, 20 Yes with a golden cherry on top.

Either solution, ALWAYS keep the game moving.

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