Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Hook: Knight & Day

High above in the skies Lord Kairos and Lord Uthan Swiftwind on their flying mounts have been dueling in the sky finally settling a long standing rivalry when Lord Uthan delivered the killing blow knocking Lord Kairos off his mount sending him though the clouds and to his death to the ground below. With victory in hand Lord Uthan is searching for Lord Kairos’ sword as a trophy…

ACT I opens with the party crossing a lush open field on a bright and comfortable sunny day as Lord Kairos falls from the sky and lands in front of them in a bloody heap. Away from him, his sword also falls from the sky landing in a nearby forest on a hill which is guarded by his mount which is out of view from the party.

Walking though a lush green and spring flowered field your breath in the sun filled air as there is a flash of a shadow overhead and you can hear the death scream of a man in the distance growing louder…

Louder and louder the grows the screaming as it seems to be all around you climaxing in an ear splitting call for help as an armored body drops from the sky about fifty feet away from you splattering into the ground with a sickening thud…

Approaching the body you see the pulped remains of a man dressed in ornate pitch black armor adorned with skulls and other death motifs- his legs twisted unnaturally behind him, and his head snapped to the side. Blood pours out from the joins of his armor mixing into the soil as a set of bronze chains dangle from his right gauntlet perhaps suggesting something was chained to his hand. As the final gasp of air hisses and drains from his lungs a piece of aged parchment also flutters down from the sky and lands a few feet away from him…

This is the mangled body of Lord Kairos who is very much dead. Knocked from the sky and falling to his death, Lord Kairos unlocked his magic sword from his gauntlet to free up both his hands as he commanded his dragon mount to go after and guard his falling sword wherever it landed. Tumbling through the air, Lord Kairos tried to pull out a magic scroll allowing him to levitate down to the ground as a safety measure, but the wind knocked it out of his hands just before he could read it, resulting in him getting pulped.

The scroll is still usable, and if the players search Lord Kairos they will find a waist pouch full of broken potions that didn’t survive the fall in addition to the scroll. The armor that he wears is also magical and for the most part intact. If the party has the stomach for it, Lord Kairos could be cleaned from it and it can be worn- resizing magically for ACT II as a possibility…

ACT II begins with the players making their way to a small forest on a hill just east of the field. While it is best to let them find their way naturally, a hook or two might be needed to get them to explore it. Occupied by Lord Kairos’ dragon mount one way to do it is to have the dragon let out a roar trying to signal his master.

Making your way up the rocky hill and into the forest you pause in shock as the form of a large dragon standing in a clearing comes into view. Flapping its leathery wings you see that it has a jeweled golden riding saddle on its back and that it is just standing there staring intently at a glowing sword that is thrust blade first into the ground. 

The dragon mount of Lord Kairos is just as cruel and evil as his master. Subdued and broken by Lord Kairos, it never questions his orders, taking them literally to avoid the wrath of his master despite being his equal or even more powerful.

Having been ordered to guard the magic sword and wait for his Lord’s return the dragon will ignore the players, but will keep a close eye on them. If they foolishly attack it will respond in kind without hesitation or mercy. If the party approaches, it will remain stationary and will hiss and growl if they try and touch him, even pushing them back with his tail or wings if needed. If the anyone in the party tries to grab the sword the dragon will attack only them, and once dead he will leave the sword where it is and watch over it.

The key here is to build up the value of the sword and its importance as a magical artifact that would serve any fighter in the party admirably- make it so good, that the party can’t refuse trying to come up with a way to get it.

The dragon is capable of speaking of course, and he might answer in a quick response speaking draconic, but he won’t budge till Lord Kairos comes back or is outwitted to give up the sword in some other way.

If a party member dons Lord Kairos’ armor and tries to bluff their way to the sword, the dragon will comply literally as long as the size and height of the party member is the same. When they pick up the sword, it will bow so they can remount him, and if they do, he will fly into the sky leading to ACT III.

ACT III: Once one of the party members has the sword in their possession, Lord Uthan Swiftwind will arrive on his griffon steed and demand the sword as his rights of victory in battle. If the party conducts themselves honorably he will respond in honor giving them a small token of value, perhaps some gold, a gem studded crown from his head, or other item for their trouble. If they push his patience or don’t hand over the sword he will view that as stealing his property and respond in kind.

There are two ways Lord Uthan Swiftwind will meet the party- the first is if a party member has mounted the dragon and he has taken flight back to the sky- wearing Lord Kairos’  armor and riding a dragon Lord Uthan Swiftwind will think it is his rival and continue the battle- which will not go well for the party member.

If they are still on the ground Lord Uthan Swiftwind will fly down from the sky in a majestic swoop.

Moments after you pick up the glowing sword a large golden horse like creature with wings and the head of an eagles pounces to the ground from the sky. Dismounting from the creatures back is a tall and proud elf dressed in ornate silver armor as he swings a shield around from his back and draws his sword…

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