Zombicide Invader Tactics: Abominations


Zombicide: Invader is not just about the xenos, it knowing how and when to deal with the various xenos threats.

In today’s post and tactica vlog we are going to explore the abomination.

For those familiar with the abominations from the other series in the game- Modern and Black Plague this is a hard hitting zombie/alien in terms of damage and wounds needed to kill it.

You need three wounds/damage to kill it, which is possible with some of the mid range weapons or getting luck with a focus fire.

But this isn’t the full treat of the xenos…

As the abomination moves it spawn mold pits which not only destroy the contents of the room- not being able to search, or removing special objectives, but also in that mold allows other xenos to spawn.

In the xenos spawn deck there are cards the spawn xenos directly on any mold zones- which if the abomination leaves a trail of five or six before it is killed, that is five-six additional spawn.

This means any abomination needs to be dealt with QUICKLY.

More Invader tactica below in my vlog.