Mage Knight Board Game Tactics

Why is Mage Knight the board game such a winner?

Beyond the deep fantasy theme, the unknown of exploring an every changing land, and the intoxicating power of playing and leveling up a Mage Knight- it is the every shifting nature of the game.

Literally turn by turn, round by round, one has to make choices and tactical decisions based on what is known in the moment, and what cards on is holding in hand.

Tactically things change each turn.

After beating on some orcs and other roaming monsters, leveling up a bit, its time to get a lay of the land and start exploring the various ruins and structures of the realm.

First choice would be exploring any revealed Dungeons…

Early in the game, Dungeons seem to give the biggest payoff vs. risk. Some of the encountered monsters can be tough- as is true with any of the encounter types, but for the most part they are manageable.

The chance to gain an artifact is the big draw for me- get that boost early on, preferred.

However, drawing a spell as a reward is good also, as these are generally only available from mage towers, and they are *very* hard to crack early on in the game- dungeons being a quick way to also potentially gain some advanced magic.