• Warhammer 40K Maulerfiend TacticsWarhammer 40K Maulerfiend Tactics
    One of the best Warhammer 40K players that I used to game with a few years ago was a club member named “Dan”- he was a total mathhammer player, and I mean that as a compliment. In real life he was a mathematical mad scientist who could calculate the odd …
  • Running Your First Dungeons & Dragons GameRunning Your First Dungeons & Dragons Game
    A recent email question in from my blog asked about the perspective of the first time Dungeon Master running their first adventure- and how they felt a bit shy and overwhelmed with having to not only run the game but manage all the players. Let’s take a look at a …
  • Episode 6: Dungeons & Dragons- Leveling Up Your CharacterEpisode 6: Dungeons & Dragons- Leveling Up Your Character
    Grabbing that experience and leveling up is an important and exiting part of Dungeons & Dragons. Watching your character grow and evolve over a dozen adventures is the stuff of legends… …but what is your blueprint for leveling up? Most of us focus on the XP side of things- hit …
  • Warhammer 40K: Riposte TacticsWarhammer 40K: Riposte Tactics
    As much as I believe in Imperial glory and decisive tactics, there are times with my Space Marines where I need to castle up and wait for my opponent to approach. Perhaps the terrain on the table sets up a no-man’s land where I will just get dice torrented to …
  • Battletech Tactics: CityfightBattletech Tactics: Cityfight
    Stay close, weapons hot, we know these Davions are here somewhere… This week’s BATTLETECH tactics post takes a look at fighting in a city-landscape and the tactical challenges that each mechwarrior needs to adapt and control in the game. For manuy of us our first few games of Battletech focus …

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