Board Game Collecting & Ranking

The eternal board gaming collection- what place will this game have in my collection and will it get enough plays to justify the cost and space…

In my board gaming collection I have my ‘stash broken down into three groups, literal groups on where they sit on the shelf.

The first group of games are games that I play every month either solo or with the rollers at the board game club, and for the most part is a set collection.

Zombicide Black Plague, Dark Souls, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Conan, Runebound, Talisman, with the most recent addition being Blackstone Fortress.

The second group of games are games that I would love to play more, and are EXCELLENT games, but they require the stars to align a bit more to hit that table.

Twilight Imperium, Gloomhaven, Kingdom Death Monsters, Descent 1st Edition. They are not for the casual gamer, play best in campaign mode, or at least a dedicated full day of gaming. These hit the table a few times a year, scheduled as an event with various players.

The third group are also solid and good games, but they fit a specific gaming personality and/or have crossover with other gaming systems- wargames, and role playing games.

Games like Relic and Space Hulk as an example of these tier III games are amazing journeys in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but they are in the third tier since the narrative is to dense for casual gamers to understand and those who do understand often would rather play tabletop 40K.

So when I’m looking at a new board game to add to the collection, where does it fall, and in what tier.

That’s my matrix to figure out what type of plays will it get.