Talisman Board Game Character Tactics: Artificer

With the newest release for Talisman digital, I’m finding the Artificer as one of my new favorite go-to characters.

He has some interesting synergies that one can take advantage of if the Highlands and City are in play, without any real drawbacks.

Very quickly he becomes a spell slinging craft beast…

His cornerstone ability is in destroying two magic objects to gain one craft.


Head to the Highlands and farm some gems- diamonds, emerald, and the like. Quite a few spaces in the highlands that let you draw multiple cards so they tend to pop up pretty quickly.

Head over to the Alchemist and transmute them for two gold each, head over to the city and chain buy lots of potions.

Keep the good ones, transmute the others and boost your craft- by mid game I can get his craft up to 20+ which is insane even for Talisman.

Transmute and strength magic objects, or lesser trinkets along the way.

Side strategy- he is also good for taking powerful objects out of play. Sometimes, based on the other players, somebody or yourself will draw an object that everybody wants and you become target #1.

Or if they have said object, transmute it and get it out of the game.

Insane craft also means insane spell casting, on par or better vs. dedicated spell casting characters like the wizard.