Battletech Tactics: Understanding Game Flow Tech

An amazing game of Battletech last night vs. my BT buddy DAVE- his blog is HERE to check out.

Battletech is like that in that you play a good amount of games, start to see how the mechs and tactics connect together, and you get pretty good at it.

Confident you win some game, lose some games, and then something ELSE clicks and takes it to the next level in tactical thought.

Last night’s game was like that…

First that Davion beast at the top- 100 ton Marauder variant with all energy weapons. No chances of ammo crits detonating it, MASSIVE front torso armor, and more rear armor then most medium mechs have on the front. A MASSIVE beast. Has me reconsidering the types of anchor mechs I take in my lances. I think I need to go all in energy.  You learn a TON watching other mechwarrior pilot their favorite machines.

But that is a side note to this post…

If you have been following my blog for a bit and know me in the Battletech universe, you know that one of my humble aspirations is to become the most feared Locust pilot in the inner sphere. My ambitions are to strike fear in the clans and make them cry, to look on my works ye mighty and tremble…

Given a decent battle value I will always run a few to half a dozen locust mechs. Cheap for the points, a few pop guns, they work as spotters for my LRM spam lance while also picking on isolated support vehicles in the back lines.

Occasionally I will have to directly engage opposing mechs either because thing, well, went wrong and I need all the tons I can throw into the game to try and turn it around, or I see an opportunity that is worth the risk.

When this happens, naturally, they don’t last long.

What I realized last night is that I had the timing down WRONG if I want to use these machines on the attack.

Turn them from a laugh into FEAR.

About half way through last night’s game I scored some lucky critical hits from my LRM spam- 2 Archers + Longbows = LRM 20 X 8 LRM 5 X 4 = 180 missiles a turn (potentially), blowing up 100 ton tank and taking out a Jenner that was coming to the rescue.

Suddenly I had the initiative to move my Locust mechs last, and the assault/heavy mechs on the table- a Marauder variant, a Crusader, and a Stalker had to deal with my LRM units directly- closing them and getting under the minimum.

That meant the Locust mechs were suddenly free to engage without fear of being shot at- which leads to all sorts of crazy on the table…

Pop gun shots on the Crusader.

Running up hills and kicking Stalkers in the head.

Rear armor shots all around!

I realized in that game that I had to wait for the timing to shift, which happens once one side starts to lose mechs and vehicles vs. the other. Wait for that new timing moment and pounce…

Side note: Dave remarked last night that it has been a while since I played an Atlas mech, for a period of a year I pretty much always fielded one…

Last time was when my Dogs of War mercenary company was involved in an urban renewal program which was opposed by House Davion looking to stop the urban renewal contract that had been awarded to the ‘Dogs.


Major Bludd held the line in his Atlas, but was KIA when his AC ammo exploded from internal damage before he could eject. Davion misinformation would later report of his “war crimes” and of having the death sentence on more than a dozen Davion worlds. Dogs of War information pieces would later refute this showing Bludd as an active community supporter, handing out sweets to war orphans from the Davion campaign of aggression.

Dogs of War corporate is proud to announce that Bludd’s Atlas has been rebuilt and that his son Major Payne will be carrying the family legacy forward in the days to come…