Battletech Mech Tactics: Urbanmech

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks of Battletech tabletop action, and now that my merc contracts are complete and I’m back at the home base I’m reviewing the rosters and pilot reports…

…what started out with my taking an Urbanmech as a gag has possible turned into an auto include in many of my lances.

Is there a tactical fit for the little guy?

Is it worth the price of battle value admission to down an opposing mech and see the look of anguish on the mechwarrior who is now in the ranks of the dispossessed thanks to my Urbanator?

What I have been finding in my games is that in medium sized BV games the Ubranmech is a mech that one can ignore at the start of the game- it’s slow speed and AC 10 won’t do much. It has to spend time getting into position and following that it is only one AC 10 shot a turn. Not that we want to take 10 points of damage, but first you have to actually hit, then score a well placed hit on the damage chart.

So my Urbie deploys on the table and “runs” into position where it plans to camp for the entire game. Someplace just behind mid-field where the AC 10 range can push out, yet still keep the Urbanmech behind my advancing lance. If I can get into cover, even better.

Now when I shoot I’m not dealing with a movement modifier, so I’m only stacking my opponent’s hex movement modifier, cover (if applicable), and range. If I keep the mech just trailing behind my lance, I find that opponent’s rightly want to close to medium or short range to bring all those medium lasers and big AC 20 guns into short range, which often put the Urbanmech AC 10 at short of medium range.

This makes scoring a hit much easier vs. other mechs moving and shooting.

And it’s still easy to ignore the Ubranmech because it is only one gun, the mech itself won’t get away when you do engage, and there is the rest of the lance to deal with first.

Mid game, now the Urbanmech begins to shine- AC 10 hits to a damaged head, AC 10 hits to weakened armor to go to internals and possible crits, especially on light and medium mechs that are a bit armor damaged.

Understanding the flow of the game- deployment, advancing start, mind game, and end game and where to insert the Urbanmech has been huge. He is so “worthless” from an opposing view point, it’s like having a free and invisible AC 10 on the table.