Battletech Mech Tactics: Blackjack

In the far future of Battletech, it’s not just cars for General Motors…

Jumping in with the Blackjack, and interesting medium mech focusing on a fire support role.

For a lower battle value medium mech the strength of the Blackjack is found in the pair of AC/2- one of the longest range weapons in the game.

With a maximum range and ultra-low heat output, as soon as the Blackjack is in range to a target you start taking the shot.

Now at only 2 points of damage, the focus is not going to be on damage output- although we will take any damage output that we can get.

The value of the AC/2 is found in critical.

Against vehicles as they advance you can start putting motive hits on them.

Against mechs withdrawing or pulling back from the front ranks due to internal damage- you can threaten them and continue to try and critical that internal damage.

But the Blackjack is not just a pair of auto-cannons.

It has a brace of four medium lasers which when combined with the jump jets, make the mech a very good close in fighter- with just having to naturally watch the heat.

Jump in with further Blackjack tactica with my BATTLETECH vlog below.

See you in the game.