Board Game Dungeon Crawler Tactics: The Overlord

In many dungeon crawler board games we have multiple players taking the role of the Necromancer or Overlord, charged with controlling the dungeon minions and dark arts to stop the other players- controlling the heroes or the game on a quest.

As the Overlord it is your sacred duty, on a quest for personal power to defeat the players using all available tactics.

In this board game tactica post we are going to explore a few ideas to start building a checklist, followed by a vlog that expands on the core ideas at the bottom of this post.

Ready for unlimited power?

The primary tactica of the Overlord is the use of the in game timer- the fact that at the start of the game, the players/heroes are at the strongest point, and how as the game moves on they get weaker and weaker vs. the Overlord growing stronger and stronger.

The heroes will have a finite number of wounds and a finite number of consumables- healing potions, scrolls, buffs, etc.

The aim is to get them to expend these as much as possible-using monsters and minions to grind them down- weakening them for the final boss fight, or end monster encounters.

One of the ways to do this is how weak monsters- trash mobs and spawns are used when they don’t stand a good chance of wounding the heroes- use these monsters to block paths, and expend resources vs. just running up, hitting for no damage, and dying in the return.

Consider running away or bulking up with multiple monsters to have a larger pool of dice to attack with.

How can you get the players to expend resources?

More tactica for the Overlord in my dungeon quest board game below:


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