Podcast Talisman Board Game Tactics: Magic Spells

Toad! Toad! Toad!

Continuing our TALISMAN tactics to aid you in your race for the Crown of Command.

This week we explore the use of magic spells and why not matter who you are playing you need to craft up.

Listen to the podcast below or follow the link here to download it.

6 Replies to “Podcast Talisman Board Game Tactics: Magic Spells”

  1. Oh no no no, I hate the spells and the characters, I just can’t get on with them, and they have always been my undoing too, I try my hardest to find the amulet,
    Saving 5 gold to buy the flail only for some wretched spell caster to steal it straight away grrr,
    What alternative ending do you prefer? A podcast of your thought on the various one would be brilliant, I hate the theives guild, have you played the one where you move the reaper around Too, that can be fun and tatical

    1. Spells are manageable if a character has one or two and has to find them in the game along the way- gives you time to try and build up a defense with objects or spells. But characters like the wizzy that auto-generate spells each turn are hard to fight. Draw a spell that you don’t like or need- cook it off and draw another next turn.

      Have to squash those characters quickly before they get enough objects to defend themselves. Agree about the flail, but you can’t let a character run around with it- just way powerful.

      I like most of the endings where you have to fight something- ice queen, eagle king, etc. Besides that Pandora’s Box would be my all time favorite.

      1. Heard you say you play the app version too,
        What other apps would you recommend in a similar vain as talisman,
        I’ve been playing elder signs omens which is very hard, and Sarbanes quest,
        Thinking of getting the hours heresy talisman and fighting fantasy legends,
        Anything else worth looking at?

        1. I have Talisman of course, and Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game- play both a TON as they are pretty much 1-1 ports from the board games. Infinity Blade 3 as I’m a big fan, still play WAY to much of it. Elder Signs also, but the expansion adventures are REALLY hard. Baldur’s Gate I/II and Icewind Dale for my AD&D fix- waiting for Dragonspear. Warhammer Quest 2, which despite the END TIMES theme is really good. Not as Random as WQ I, but a solid play.

          Mordheim, but I’m kind of on hold with it. One the one hand its a perfect port of the game, and I LOVE tabletop Mordheim, BUT the app is lacking warbands. They keep saying more are coming but they only have Empire and Skaven. I want to play Possessed so bad, Undead have been coming for it forever. That said the random nature of the maps, quests, and warbands you fight + gear means it does have a ton of replay.

          Was doing 40K Deathwatch for a bit, its a solid 40K game, but the missions are only play through once and done. Good for the one time through, if the game had a random map/fight feature it would be worth playing long term.

          Xenoshyft as a final mention- perfect port, awesome replay-ability, but its a bit small on my iphone 6S which annoys me.

        2. Also meant to add…

          HOW is there not a port of Diablo to mobile- even a 1-1 port of Diablo I. I’d buy that for $10 bucks, would be a total cash cow for them.

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