Podcast Talisman Board Game Mid Game Tactics

Toad! Toad! Toad!

Talisman board game tactics: mid game.

Continuing our podcast exploration of how to optimize the race for the Crown of Command, we now turn to the mid game position- where you want to be vs. the other players.

Listen to the podcast below or follow the link here to save and download it. 

2 Replies to “Podcast Talisman Board Game Mid Game Tactics”

  1. I always burn my fate, never seems to really help me much to be honest, has done on the odd time, but mostly not,
    I have won talisman as a toad though, can’t remember what ending it was though,
    How do you think the app compares to the actual board game,

    1. I think the app is great as a companion for the board game- it plays 1 to 1 and I use it not only to play Talisman, but “test” out stuff- play a few characters to see how they do, test out strategies- no setup needed, can restart anytime.

      It’s great to literally have Talisman in my pocket.

      That said, a full table with all the expansions, cards, and stuff in play- actual tabletop is an amazing experience, works well with the app.

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