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  1. I am just dipping my toes into Rise of the Runelords…
    Picked it up on your recommendation, and because I can solo it.

    It’s great.
    I agree about the rules.
    I find playing alone I overlook location special rules etc….
    Have to slow down…double check as I go.

    Good stuff man

  2. What’s the best top 5 solo dungeon crawlers that can be played with out the need of app’s or house ruling,
    And if you have any (which you probably have) can you review them,
    I’d guess dark souls would be in there, but what about pathfinder the card game, ?
    Or mage knight,
    Ok maybe top 10,
    Christmas soon I need inspiration, for my Santa list

    1. My TOP solo games right now:

      Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is my #1. Lots of characters, lots of options and quests, GREAT replayability and even quite a few fan made quests.

      Second is Warhammer Quest the card game by Fantasy Flight Games. It’s out of print right now, but still lots of copies. A nice compact dungeon crawler that plays fast.

      Dark Souls 100%, but it is a very unforgiving and long game.

      Descent 2nd edition with app and solo card overlord expansion.

      Kind of a future-sci-fi dungeon crawler- Aliens vs. Predator 2nd edition has a great survival mode.

      and Kingdom Death Monster, but there is the $$$ cost and getting your hands on a copy. 100% the hyper train is real about this game- it is legendary.

      I’m waiting on delivery of the Gloomhaven 2nd print run kickstarter and have a copy of FFG Legacy of Dragonholt on pre-order.

      Biggest flop? Dungeon Saga. So much was promised with the Campaign book and solo Dungeon AI and wasn’t delivered. Mantic REALLY messed it up. It’s a fine fast play and very basic Dungeon Crawler and I enjoy playing it with a group, but wish it was solo.

      1. Appreciated,
        I’m getting a strange calling to buy pathfinder, obviously I’ll start with the core set, but I’ve noticed there are more than one core, and numerous expansions,
        Any advice on which to start with and which expansion to go to, after, I’m sure they’d all be linked, but does it matter that order of purchase in regards to story telling

        1. I’d start with the Rise of the Runelords set first. It is generic fantasy and has a wide range of quests fighting dragons, and other well known D&D/Pathfinder baddies along with a cool end game story.

          The core set gives you a few starting character, the basic cards, and the first two packs of adventures. Eventually you will want to buy the add on character pack which gives you a few more- monk, paladin, etc along with the rest of the adventure packs so you can complete the entire story.

  3. Firstly, i’m in complete envy the games on your boardgaming shelf dude, especially Hero Quest. That game is one I really wish I still owned.

    Bit of a backstory, I started looking into boardgames a little under a year ago, and this was mainly for something different to engage in while I was building and painting my 40K Chaos army after having a 10 year hitatus from the hobby. What I did’nt know at the time was how fun boardgaming would turn out to actually be and also fast my boardgaming collection would expand.

    The first boardgame that i got into was “AvP: The Hunt Begins” which I purchased along with pretty much all of the mini box expansions as I abosultely love the Alien and Predator universe. I’ve played this game multiple times with my wife (She likes going the aliens) and also played solo to test out rules and the survival mode. The game is alot of fun and with the right people playing,the Aliens soundtrack going on in the background it is a blast. So after my experience with AvP: The Hunt Begins, I’d now had a taste of boardgaming and wanted more so I began looking online at boardgaming in general, discovered BGG and started looking at various thematic boardgames on BGG.

    I’ve since gone on to aquire Zombicide Black Plague; Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game and Silver Tower; Relic; Descent 2nd Edition and Mansions of Madness. All of these games I’ve played to death (besides Descent which was a recent purchase) with AvP, Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game and Mansions of Madness taking most of my gaming time and while i love playing these games with other people the great thing about these games is they can be solo’d.

    So for me when i look at boardgames that i’m considering to aquire in the future, boardgames that can be solo’d in one way or another is a huge selling point and I think the main reason for this is simply because I can choose to play whenever I want.

    1. I’m right there with many of those titles- disclaimer I’m a HUGE Aliens fan, so AvP with miniatures and Aliens music pumping in the background doesn’t get any better. Zombicide BP is also a favorite of mine.

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