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Podcast: Board Games

Is Gloomhaven The Best Game Ever? Yes.

Thoughts on GLOOMHAVEN. Is it the best board game every- dungeon crawling perfection combined with true RPG elements? This week’s boargaming PODCAST takes a look at this game, and answers the question: Now that Gloomy Read more…

Podcast: Board Games

Talisman Board Game Tactics: Starting Characters

Toad! Toad! Toad! Board game podcast episode 75 explores some of the ways to draw starting characters in Talisman. Listen to the podcast below or click the link here to download and save it.

Podcast: Board Games

How Important Is Board Game Replayability?

As a board game enthusiast, how important is replay in your collections? Are games that are a once play like TIME stories your thing, or do you prefer a game that can be played and Read more…