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Podcast: Board Games

Episode 32: Solo Board Game Players

Board games are now main stream, but what about solo gaming? Episode 32 explores the SOLO question. Grab, listen, and download the PODCAST here: Episode 32 Solo Board Gaming

Podcast: Board Games

Episode 20: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Item Tactics

Episode 20 PODCAST explores one of my all time FAVORITE RPG card/board games: Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game. In this ‘cast we explore some strategies to acquire some of the very much needed items to make Read more…

Podcast: Board Games

Episode 5: Dark Souls Board Game Winning Tactics

Dark Souls: The Board Game, is an interesting addition to the Board Gaming world. Part dungeon crawler, part puzzler, minion and boss AI that really does work against the players, combined with a VERY difficult Read more…