X-Wing Miniatures Y-Wing Starting Tactics

As a completionist X-Wing Miniatures is a dangerous game for me to be playing. Just as I have my collection all set…Fantasy Flight Games releases a new wave of ships, and that isn’t even taking into account all of the aftermarket “parts” for your collection.

But as the game advances and the meta is changed with each release it does have the feeling that certain ships get left behind, and that is before we even look at the new-shiny syndrome of list building.

What about the humble Y-Wing.

One could argue that there are only thee iconic starfighters in the entire Star Wars universe- the TIE because it made a cool noise on the screen, the X-Wing because Luke piloted it, and the Y-Wing because that was the only other ship in the movie. (I’m discounting the ‘Falcon right now because it wasn’t a single seat fighter.)

Even in the movies the Y-Wing was a bit over shadowed, and certainly in the current meta of X-Wing miniatures it seems to have been left behind.

Perhaps it’s time to revisit it?

For me part of it is I just like how the ship looks on the tabletop.

But the competitive side of me likes the ship because many have moved on and dismissed it.

Are you missing something by not playing it?

It has the hull and shields even before upgrades to out-last many ships, but not the speed.

Speed is important in the game, even with the small size of the play area, but for the Y-Wing it isn’t needed- so it isn’t a disadvantage.

This is because you have access to turret weapons which means you are always going to have access to arcs of fire.

Second is socketing in a droid- something that most ships can’t do- to either boost your staying power or damage output.

AND access to torpedoes.

Although given the balance of points in taking a turret mounted weapon and droid which I believe are mandatory, this often doesn’t leave enough points for torpedoes in a standard game.

Played slow and steady the Y-Wing is still a formidable ship.

In bigger EPIC games the Y-Wing is configured with more shields and ONLY torpedoes as part of an attack wing against big capital ships- having the shields and hull to get past screening fighters and deliver a point blank torpedo barrage.

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