X-Wing Miniatures Tactics: Pilot Skill

If I have achieved anything of note as a wargamer it is because of my opponents and the meta of the amazing community that posts so many great ideas. Watching and learning from various online battle reports and gaming posts doubles my practice time. When it is time for me to evolve, I evolve…

…and in this case with X-Wing miniatures I might be evolving.

So I’m going to tap into the meta of my readers.

With all the waves in the game right now, and how FFG keeps releasing stuff to keep the momentum going I’ve arrived at a new place in terms of my builds with pilot skill.

It seems that I either want to be very high or very low- being in the middle (ish) really doesn’t work.

High pilot skill means I hit you first, and when combined with upgrades so I get re-rolls on misses, extra dice, ways to convert focus to hit, and hit to crits, etc. the high squadron points I’m paying for the pilot pays off because I get to go/alpha strike first.

On the opposite end going low pilot skill means I throw down multiple low squadron point ships. your high value pilot skill ship might kill one ship, but I have 7 more now shooting at you. The loss of ship is not that bad since I have the points to buy multiple more.

But ships in the middle 5+/- ?

Lots of squadron points, not going first in shooting, and not having the volume of ships to go up against losing a ship first.


I’m evolving…


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