X-Wing Miniatures 2.0: The End Of The Game

It’s hard for me to write this post…

…I’ve never abandoned a wargame before.

Some systems have faded over time, but I’ve still found a way to play them with friends from time to time like Mordheim, or even build a small group of players around some of the more esoteric games out there like Judge Dredd Miniatures.

But call it quits and walk away, especially given the place of the game in my gaming social life…

The way Fantasy Flight Games is handling the X-Wing Miniatures move to 2.0 just isn’t going to work, and in the long run it isn’t going to solve the challenges in the game.

Like very other product of modern culture I love the Star Wars Universe- it is an amazing universe to play around in.

X-Wing Miniatures was a GREAT subset of that universe- pre-painted ship that look great, easy to learn rules, and a huge community to game and play with. While I enjoyed the tournament scene over the years and did very well in it, the heart of the game for me was in community play.

The social aspect.

Taking all my ships, piling them in with your ships, and rolling up for a big multi-player per side battle.

Sure there was power-creep, but nothing like Warhammer 40K or any other Games Workshop game- and 40K is on its 8th edition of power creep.

Did Fantasy Flight Games have to do something about it?

Did the support of tournaments and open national games/FFG organized play  really drive the community- or was it the social aspect of the game?

Could they have fixed the rules without a new edition?

Better missions are a way to do that.

But they decided to reboot the game to 2.0 second edition.

Certainly nothing new for Fantasy Flight Games- I was all in with Runebound 2nd edition and Descent 1st edition. They run the games out for a bit, release dozens of expansions and reboot.

As a business model it works- but X-Wing is not a board game- it is a miniature game, and miniature (wargamers) get pissed when you tell them you can’t use your toys anymore. Mini gamers react differently vs. board gamers.

Unless you buy the conversion kit of cards- multiples of them since the game is many ships vs. many ships.

Maybe my collection is a bit extreme- I have the bad duo combination of being a gamer completionist AND obsessive about things, but to convert all my stuff will be around $800.

$800 dollars in cards and cardboard to use physical products I already paid for?

This is levels of insanity not even Games Workshop would pull- and as an avid GW fanboy I am usually emotionally immune to cash grabs like this.

Even with obsession in the mix I just can’t do that.

Looking at the “new” rules, there is some good stuff, but nothing that fixes the challenges with the game- the power creep will level off for a bit as the game reboots to “wave 1”, but it will grow again, and then what in three years- third edition and $1000 in cards and cardboard?

Fantasy Flight should have found a way to keep the old stuff in play “as-is”.

I don’t want to be one of those internet trolls that loudly announces they are done and leaving, making a big show, only to come back a few weeks later…

…the only ray of hope is something similar to how Chinaforge has found a place to keep Games Workshop in check- and gamer are VERY resourceful.

I’ve already heard a few confirmations and know one motivated local who was casting Forge World titans years ago for $100 bucks- an underground print on demand cards and cardboard for the game is already shaping up.

What if one can get the cards and cardboard for $25? The pirate presses are already getting primed and pumped.

That might pull me back, but as it stands now with how FFG is handling it, I just can’t.

I’m NOT planning to sell my collection- and if you have similar feelings about the game like I do, I’d advise to keep your toys also.

Stash them away in the gaming closet- you never know.

I’m not planning on the X-Wing community keeping version 1.0 alive, but I’ve got enough stuff to run my own games for friends or the kids even if the ride ends here for me.

May the force be with you…


4 Replies to “X-Wing Miniatures 2.0: The End Of The Game”

  1. OK, I’m a dummy. Enlighten me please. How are they changing the game to the point where you can’t even use the models? That seems…strange.

    1. The cardboard token that has the ship stats and the ship card and upgrade cards with each ship is changing. The models are still valid, but you need the cards to play- which are sold through “conversion” kits. Players with large collections will need multiple conversion kits. One might be able to proxy stuff, but not for organized our tournament play which is what drives the community.

      One could just make a clean break to 2nd edition, and only buy and play the new stuff- but what about all those old models.

      Kind of a messed up situation.

        1. Changing a few stats, introducing the “force” and some other adjustments to the game mechanics. As a result the cards and tokens that go on the flight stands for the current ships will now be unplayable.

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