Need More Wings Of Glory

Planning some Wings of Glory WW I games for the summer, I really need to get back into this amazing game, not that I ever left…

Knights of the sky, World War I, it has both the mechanics and multiplayer that I enjoy, pushing it to a great multiplayer wargame.

How many wargames that you have or play can scale to any amount of players and still work.

Games of 10 vs. 10?

The mechanics of the game have you selecting your plane and flying it by laying down movement cards at the start of the turn- these are turns, flips, straight moves, and special moves based on the plane.

All the players at the same time lay out their moves, trying to figure out where everybody is moving and going. Once everybody is ready, all the players flip the first card, use it to move the plane, and then if range, shoot machine guns.

Unlike you-go-I-go wargames, everybody moves and shoots at the same time, which not only keeps the game fast and furious, but also keeps everybody engaged in playing.

Damage is also handled really interesting- if you are in range, as measured by a range stick you draw damage cards based on the type of machine guns your plane has. These cards are not shown to your opponents and have values ranging from 0-5 plus special damage, so you opponent never really knows how damaged you are- planes flying around, bullets ripping through the air-frame, etc. Take a set amount of damage, based on the hull of the plane and you go down. There are also cards for engine hits, pilot damage, rudders, etc.

A historical wargame that anybody can play, enjoy, and strategist with- a great “icebreaker” game.

PLUS, all the planes are pre-painted, saving you hobby time for your other projects.

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