Warhammer 40K: Winning Tournament Advice

Even if you consider yourself a narrative Warhammer 40K player and dislike “competition”, I still always recommend attending and playing in an organized tournament from time to time. Playing in a tournament is a GREAT way to give your skills a boost and cut down on the learning curve for any army you play?


Simply put, it pulls you out of your local gaming group meta and puts a bit of pressure on you to decide on tactics in the moment.

Consider the regular 40K games that you play with your gaming group or friends. Over time you play against the same armies, and many of the same player-personality tactics, which limits your growth. By playing in a tournament and being exposed to different players from your area and outside of your local group it is a meta shock in a good way.

Tournaments are also all about time- you have X time to complete the game and win- this forces you to be bold, commit, and take action in the moment. Sometimes it is the correct course of action, and other time not quite- but every time it is good for building you into an active player.

Another BIG bonus is that you get to physically see different armies outside of your local gaming circle. I like to bring a camera and take pictures of all of them. Later back home I can review them vs. my army.

Looking at the armies- how would I counter them?

Are there any good ideas based on units selected and synergy that I can use?

Any cool conversions or model ideas I can add to my army?

Even playing in one tournament, regardless of win  or lose, will up your game.

See you in the game!

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