It’s a familiar story, I despertly needed a new muffler and cat for my car, it had been hanging on for weeks and I finally got paid…

…so I went out and bought a new Warhammer 40,000 army.

Kind of.

So I’m at the 40K club on a Monday night and The Warmaster Black Matt walks up and asks if I want to buy a Tyranid army. The army above and in these pictures. It started out back in 3rd edition and was sold to a club member who added more units, sold the Ultra Bob, who sold it to Black Matt, and not I had a chance to pick it up.

I never planned on playing Tyranids, but for the price how could I say no? Hundreds of painted models, TONS of bitz, and some great conversions.

I drove around with a few coat hangers holding my muffler up for a few weeks.


So what was in that box of models beyond literally HUNDREDS of gaunts?

A choppy hive tyrant, some lictors, 60 or so genestealers, rippers, warriors and two carnifexes.

After a few dozen games I had a good plan down for the army.

So we are taking horde army here, and so many models that naturally we are going to run across the table. A full few ranks and waves of stuff, yet a real need to coordinate and hit with certain units- the tyrant and carnifexes.

All the gaunts line up in a wall across the deployment zone. ‘Stealers on one side, ‘fexes on the other flank. As I run across the table, I keep the ‘stealers pushing ahead and hold the center and other side back a bit- creating a diagonal wave (pic above) where the genestealers will hit first.

I have the numbers to push against shooting, so naturally my opponent (most of the time) begins to pull back on the side where the ‘stealers are pushing to create more shooting space- which pulls them closer to my carnifexes and hive tyrant- so they don’t have to walk so far and get into the assault sooner.

Only one way to play a 200+ bug army, but the way you fold and collapse the wall of models is an art in itself…

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