I’ve always played TYPHUS in my Death Guard army- since Warhammer 40K 4th edition he has been at the front of every apocalypse or big narrative game where my army has taken the field with the other chaos traitor legions.

Used in big games, he was always attached to a group of chosen Nurgle terminators and dropped in at the table corners where he could attack away and try and cause as much damage as he could before being taken out.

He was fun to play, but I felt he never really made his point back, and should have been so much more given the lore and prominence that he had in the game.

8th fixed that…

T5, 4+ invul is a good start, and 5+ FNP is good, but feels a bit weak for such an icon- 4+ would have felt right. He is kind of a new primarch right?

Manreaper is OK, S7, 4 attacks.

Destroyer hive is effective now, and the psychic support is good.

Still not as exiting as a close combat beast or death dealer on the tabletop, BUT 8th and Nurgle has granted him so much more…

Now I feel (and find) he is a leader of armies, with his buff to other Death Guard units, mortal wounds in the assault makes terminators double scary against strong stuff, and his buff to poxwalkers rewards large groups that can spread out and grab the buff.

I’ve been exploring his placement to see how much of the army I can buff.

Your thoughts?


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