Warhammer 40K Tactics: Walking Hive Tyrant

While certainly not the oldest model in my collection, this Hive Tyrant was assimilating worlds and slurping on bio-mass long before Swarmlord came on the scene.

Ever since the 5th edition Tyranid codex the only viable way to play a Hive Tyrant in a competitive manner was to given them a pair of wings and spam out as many as you could, over the years 2-4 of them on.

A walking Tyrant has always been complex to play.

I could have slapped some wings on him, but he and the rest of the brood are part of my lolz all 3rd edition Tyranid army- just and only models from that era.

Many players in 40K and this is a way to do it, focus on the wargear and upgrades and the tactics associated with them- I prefer to build my lists based on questions- leverage the strengths of the model- in this case the Tyrant and minimize the weaknesses as best I can.

AND, if I can’t minimize the weaknesses, can I at least keep my opponent busy with other things on the table so they can’t exploit them.

Flying meat-bags AKA Gargoyles are my answer to this.

Two big broods work with my Tyrant.

His 18″ synapse allows them to be locked in as they move forward and quick engaging and tar-pitting down the Tyrant’s eventual target. This gives the Tyrant time to walk it across the table, and not take as much fire on the way in.

When he does hit, the target(s) are also softened up a bit.

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