I enjoy playing a variety of Warhammer 40K armies, each with different tactics and units, but the one thread that they all have in common is the avatar leading them. Maybe it’s my RPG background, but I LOVE playing a jacked up HQ or special character on the table. One who is not only commander, but also on a personal quest for glory in each and every game.

It’s like two chance to play Warhammer 40K in every game- I’m playing to win the mission, but I am also playing to evolve my character’s story and place in the 40K universe narrative.

Lord Syn, Favored of Khorne, Prophet of Blood, is one such character in my armies- the leader of my Chaos Space Marine warband the Berzerkers of Skallatrax. Gifted with a daemonic sword and Juggernaut of Khorne he seeks personal glory and martial honor in every game…

Syn’s first trophy in his very first game was against a detachment of Imperial Guard infantry backed by Punisher tanks. Hardly a point was spent on any HQ choices so he had to settle with cutting down some junior officers… 

Tactically speaking, if you are playing an active HQ choice that is going to go out and remove enemy models vs. hanging back and buffing units with area abilities or psychic powers the biggest challenge you are going to face is getting into combat or shooting range as QUICKLY as possible.

Syn’s first BIG marital kill was in slaying the Chapter Master of the Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter in personal combat while hunting down a lost imperial relic.  

The biggest challenge in Warhammer 40K is that you are up against a finite number of game turns- the other challenges regardless of army played are dealing with the limitations of an I-go-you-go system, and a D6 dice based system.

If you spend hundreds of points on your HQ choices you need to be making a kill return on the point investment as quickly as possible- turn one perhaps? if you spend three turns getting into combat, those are three turns NOT earning your points. That is why fully competitive players HATE taking expensive units- it is often hard to make the points back in kills vs. taking and spamming cheap units- plus cheap units negate the I-go-you-go and D6 limitations.

Syn has slain his fill of xenos, Eldar, Necrons, upstart Tau, and Tyranids. Out of all of the lesser races, Tyranids have been the most honorable of kills…

In terms of wargear and upgrades- what in your list is going to allow you to get your HQ choice into combat quicker. Second, from a tactical perspective can you place mission objectives in such a way that while you are moving out to engage with your HQ choice, your opponent will also be moving out of their deployment zone closer to your incoming unit?

Even the steel legions of the Imperial Guard fall to Syn…

The final layer, or perhaps HQ question to ask, is what units are you also sending ahead or with your HQ choice to strip away any incoming blocking or speed-bump units your opponent might be throwing at you? Trash mob stuff that is low in points and will tie you up for a few turns burning those finite game turns?

In my Berzerkers of Skallathrax list Syn is always accompanied by his elite and chosen- terminators, a land raider, and the Vindicator Dominion of Syn.

Lord Syn’s GREATEST triumph to date- slaying the pathetic Dark Angels Chapter Master Belial, in single combat… 

Hail Horus!

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SanguinaryGuardsman · November 28, 2017 at 6:22 PM

Damn dude… ive listened to your youtube vids for years and never thought much of your Chaos Warband.. you kept using the same 2 or 3 pictures of it!

But now that you posted some decent photos.. that looks terrific and really scary. Those guys look like they’ve seen some shit over the millennium.

What gear and warlord trait is your lord using?
Have you thought about adding a new lord to give Syn a rival?

Maybe an equally jacked up lord but on a bike for the extra speed. Fluff wise he could stealing some of Syn’s glory due to the bikes superior speed?

Bike, Talisman of Burning Blood, Powerfist, combi melta.

    Wargamer Fritz · November 29, 2017 at 9:26 AM

    Still playing around with the wargear for 8th before I change the model if needed.

    Syn does have a rival in one of his Chosen- Lord Jagi (Fist of the North Star reference/tribute/rip-off).

    Don’t know if I have the points for a full on second HQ lord.

SanguinaryGuardsman · November 30, 2017 at 2:47 AM

Have you been using an exalted champion at all? That HQ seems like an auto include in any close combat chaos list. As a dedicated loyalist im not playing any game without my Lieutenant… not happening.

Could you make a podcast episode about your Chaos list? 🙂

    Wargamer Fritz · November 30, 2017 at 10:11 AM

    I use a chappy in my Red Templars Space Marine army.

    I’ll make a podcast about my Chaos List- the genesis of it, how it plays, and the general tactics behind it.

    Always love taking chaos!

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